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The photographer

Mitja Rietbrock works as a reporter  for Swiss national TV and as an international photographer. His work has been awarded with several journalist awards. Born in 1971, he is the father of two daughters and lives in Zurich, Switzerland. As a reporter he has visited more than 180 countries around the globe. 

With his project It' s OUR World!, Mitja Rietbrock aims to raise awareness of the living conditions of disadvantaged children around the world. He would like to give them a voice and to raise people’s awareness about the kind of world they offer to their children and raise money to support children in need.


The reporter

During his reporting for Swiss TV, Mitja Rietbrock gives a voice to the most vulnerable people around the globe. He always has a camera with him to witness and record the stories of disadvantaged children he meets along the road. In 2002, at the birth of the first of his two daughters, he has founded the It's OUR World! project. 


The photoshootings

Mitja Rietbrock meets the storytellers of the It's OUR World! photos during his professional and personal travels. The personal encounters always come first. After spending time together and exchanging, the photo session takes place. All photos and stories take great care about the dignity of the portrayed children and their environment.

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